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PhotonIcs and Electromagnetics Research Symposium, also known as Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium
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PIERS —— A global symposium committed to
advancing photonics and electromagnetics for the benefit of humanity.

ZOOM Access

How to access PIERS virtual session rooms? - 中文版ZOOM接入指引

Participants are strongly suggested to download this file with Zoom links to access PIERS sessions and also the Final Program in PDF version at least 3 days before conference. 

During the conference period, the Zoom links to access PIERS virtual sessions will also be available on the PIERS Online Program. Click [Zoom Access] at the end of each session title. The web browser client will be downloaded automatically when you start or join your first Zoom meeting, and is also available for manual download here.

Pre-recorded Video Upload

If you miss the deadline of video upload, April 15, please do upload it no later than April 20 via this linkage.

PIERS Zoom Rehearsal

Time: 13:00 - 18:00, Beijing Time, April 24
All 16 PIERS session rooms will be available for online rehearsal. Presenters can visit the online session rooms and ask our session assistants to help you do the test.

ZOOM Guidelines for Oral Presenting Authors:

  1. Presenters in each session should join the online room at least 10 minutes prior to the start of your session.
  2. Then change your name as "Session No._TalkTime_FullName" in order for chairs to find you easily. For example, 1A1_8:00_FullName.
  3. Your pre-recorded video will be played by our session assistant in each room. You can turn on the camera of your computer when your pre-recorded video is being played.
  4. In an interactive way you can answer the questions from chairs or other online participants after your presentation is finished.

ZOOM Guidelines for Participants in Oral Sessions:
Participants who want to ask questions can use the ZOOM function“raise hand”, or the public chat window.

ZOOM Guidelines for Oral Session Chairs:

  1. Please enter the session room at least 15 minutes before the start of the session.
  2. Please change your name as "Session No._Chair_FullName". For example, 1A1_Chair_Name. You can turn on the camera of your computer during all the session time, so that all online participants can recognize you easily.
  3. Please follow strictly the starting time and time limit of each talk and refrain from changing the presentation order of the talks. The session assistant will play the pre-recorded videos for all the talks in your session.
  4. During the Q&A time of each talk, please lead and coordinate the Q&A after the presentation, and manage the time. You can select a person from people who have question. If no one has question, you can raise a question.
  5. A PIERS background image for zoom meetings can be downloaded here.

You can also join the online PIERS rooms via Zoom meeting IDs.
Password for all session rooms is 123456.

PIERS Online ROOM Zoom Meeting IDs Access Linkage
ROOM 0 - Online Help Center 350 887 6912 Click to Access
ROOM 1 202 749 9722 Click to Access
ROOM 2 534 857 0711 Click to Access
ROOM 3 304 966 2546 Click to Access
ROOM 4 943 001 6430 Click to Access
ROOM 5 544 860 2534 Click to Access
ROOM 6 667 576 4535 Click to Access
ROOM 7 313 021 3520 Click to Access
ROOM 8 782 390 6418 Click to Access
ROOM 9 739 216 8689 Click to Access
ROOM 10 290 478 9918 Click to Access
ROOM 11 403 769 5604 Click to Access
ROOM 12 661 799 3066 Click to Access
ROOM 13 476 059 1738 Click to Access
ROOM 14 583 011 9425 Click to Access
ROOM 15 530 814 4998 Click to Access
ROOM 16 380 899 8170 Click to Access



Contact us

Inquiry about paper submission, registration, and program schedule, please email to:
PIERS OFFICE: office@piers.org and/or office@emwave.cn

Usually, inquiry to PIERS OFFICE will be replied within 1-2 working days. If you cannot get reply timely, please keep trying both emails, or change another email account to contact us to avoid the unpredictable email correspondence problem between us.